Common Oral Health Care Myths

When it comes to one’s oral health care, there can be many interpretations about the “right” methods and routines. Just as some spout off what’s the best way someone can take care of his or her teeth and gums, there are also multiple oral health care myths. Below are some of the more common dental health myths and misconceptions:Baby Teeth Aren’t ImportantYes, it is true that baby teeth will eventually fall out on their own when children are between six and 12 years of age. That doesn’t mean children should constantly consume sugary foods and drinks and have their oral hygiene take a back seat. Baby teeth, also called primary teeth, are important for a child to properly chew, bite and speak. When primary teeth aren’t adequately taken care of, they can become decayed and fall out prematurely and/or spread the decay to the permanent, adult teeth growing underneath.I Don’t Need to Visit the Dentist When I Have My Own Oral Hygiene RoutineThis is the common rationale for many patients that is often triggered and reinforced by the patient’s fear of the dentist. Yes, it is important to have a daily oral hygiene routine at home that entails two-minutes of brushing twice a day and daily flossing. However, even the best at-home oral hygiene routine can’t tackle the hardened, impossible to remove plaque. Only a dentist will have the tools to give a patient a much needed deep cleaning he or she can’t get at home. In addition, the trained eye of a dentist can spot possible oral health issues that the average patient would easily miss.I Only Need to See the Dentist When Something is WrongThis rationale is similar to that concerning the doctor’s office. It can be a time-consuming and expensive inconvenience to schedule a dental or doctor’s appointment. As a result, many dental patients only go in to see their dentist when an untreated or ignored oral health issue forces them to. While pain and discomfort are clear signs something isn’t right and needs the attention of a dentist, some oral health issues such as oral cancer don’t have readily noticeable, painful symptoms and are overlooked until it’s too late.Everyone’s Wisdom Teeth Get PulledFor many patients, getting one’s wisdom teeth pulled is seen as a right of passage into young adulthood. Are there any people who didn’t have their wisdom teeth pulled? The short answer is yes. While in the vast majority of cases the wisdom teeth must be pulled to ensure proper teeth growth and correct placement and alignment, there are a few patients whose mouths can accommodate four extra-large teeth.Root Canals Are Painful and HorribleOne of the common reasons people dread visiting the dentist is the fear of needing a root canal. Over the years, root canals have gotten a bad rap and are now seen by patients as the dental procedure nightmares are made of.Root canals, however, are routine procedures that involve little or no pain or discomfort. They are important in saving a tooth, which spares the patient from an unpleasant smile and from spending more money on necessary, future dental procedures. Regardless of how you look at them, they are necessary.There are many myths and false ideas about dental health care out there. However, these common oral care myths can have a great negative effect on the health of your teeth and gums. It is always best to compliment your at-home oral hygiene routine with regular visits to the dentist every six months.

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Commercial Short Sale – Steering Away From Foreclosure

There have been estimates made too to show that the commercial loan market is suffering. Figures showed that around $2 trillion in commercial real estate is coming due by 2013, but are not eligible for refinancing due to the downtrodden economy. In these scenarios, business and property owners will be facing a big challenge with regards to keeping their businesses stable. This is so because lending institutions will continue to press them down with their payments.Loan modification programs seem to be a good option for those who do not qualify for refinancing. But what if this doesn’t suit the current financial situation? Then, the owner might want to consider the next possible cost effective action: commercial short sale. This allows the owner to sell his property at an amount less than the actual mortgage loan balance. Although this is the case, it is still seen as a good alternative to avoid foreclosure. However, the owner has to prove to the lender that he is indeed in financial distress. This alternative has its drawbacks but considering the damage that a foreclosed property would effect on one’s credit standing, this becomes the owner’s better choice.Where to get help for this short sale is the next thing to consider. The debtor can actually seek the help of a real estate agent who is adept in short sales. He can help in determining whether the borrower will really profit from this action; and secondly, in putting the property in the market or by introducing the owner to potential buyers. He can also opt for a third party commercial loan workout firm along with a tax adviser. They can assist in ensuring that borrower don’t get charged with a large amount of tax when paying the balance between the outstanding balance and the amount coming from the short sales. It is always wise to know what it takes before proceeding with the sale.

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